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We have listed below the best answers to frequently asked questions about locks, keys, and more.

What type of lock should be used in industries?

Industrial areas need heavier security than private homes. There are multiple numbers of access points there and all the entries and exits need to be tracked. Therefore a digital locking and unlocking system is preferred in an industry.

What should I do if I am stuck in the car?

If you are ever stuck in your car and there is no one nearby to help you, you don’t need to worry. You can call us at our helpline numbers and our 24 hour emergency locksmith experts will be there for you in the shortest possible time.

Why keys must be changed if lost?

Lost house keys might cause problems. If they are not actually lost but stolen or fall into the wrong hands, someone will literally walk into your house with your keys. In this case, you don't need key replacement but key change. Our specialists in Rancho Cucamonga skillfully rekey the lock and hand you a new key.

If I'm locked outside my house, will a locksmith break my lock to get in?

No. In almost every circumstance, our locksmith will not break your door or lock to get into your home or car. Only as a last resort, or when lives are in imminent danger in an emergency situation, will such techniques be used.

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